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"Couples love each other..."

"Couples love each other too, hon."

"Two people who could not NOT fall in love..."
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Nancy [Walls] and Steve Carell

This is a community dedicated to Steve Carell and Nancy Walls: separately and as a couple, in their roles in television and film and in RL, etc. This community consists of myself aka Sky (let_me_sing), Elisa (corellianjedi2), and any fans of Steve Carell and/or Nancy Walls. We’re an extremely laidback community with few rules, which are detailed below.


1. First off, any questions, comments, feedback or concerns should be sent to the mods at we_love_showbiz@hotmail.com.

2. Please, no trolling. Trolling is...everything that is wrong with the paper industry.

3. No bashing, berating, dissing, lambasting, or badmouthing of Steve and/or Nancy, or any member of this community will be allowed. (You'd think this would be obvious, but alas, no) We may amend this rule in the future, but actually, no we will not. Because see, there’s this nifty little LJ command called “ban”. 60% of the time it works every time. Think about it.

4. Long entries and images (i.e. posts of more than one image or video) should be placed under LJ-cuts. If you are posting icons, however, you may have a preview of 3-5 said icons on the main page.

5. Illegal video uploading. Don't do it. We don't want to be shut down by the sphincter police (aka NBC or any affiliates or anyone, really). However, you may embed videos. We would also ask that you put embedded media (longer than one image or video) under a cut as well, for those with slow internet connections or those on work computers, etc.

6. Most of you (yes, YOU) are probably here for Steve. And that's great. While I and Elisa understand and appreciate Nancy to be an awesome component of one of Hollywood's most hilarious couples, we also realize how few people make up her fanbase or even - for that matter - know who she is. So. You obviously may join if you only have eyes for Steve. The more, the merrier. :) We won't turn anyone away or ban anyone unless they violate the sacred rules in such a flagrant and disgusting manner that we have absolutely no choice but to do so. BUT, just saying...if you are one of these people [these people" being Steve groupies: don't be ashamed; I joined that club loooong ago ;) ], then steve_carell might be more your brand of vodka.

7. Neither posts nor membership are moderated for the simple reason that we're not always around to approve them and we want you to feel as free as possible to post anything you'd like. The only posts that will ever be removed are ones that have absolutely no connection to Steve or Nancy or anything they've ever done and any that completely violate the rules.

8. Have FUN! We want you here. We want your questions, your thoughts and opinions, your rants and discussions, your graphics, etc. If you're new to the community, feel free to post a short introduction detailing your interests, a little bit about yourself, and/or what brought you to this couple and the community.

In Summation…

> the LJ-cut feature is your friend.
> We would like to be your friend as well. :)
> Steve and Nancy are love.
> Black jelly beans = Epic FAIL of the candy industry.


"There was certainly an instant attraction on my part, but it took a while before I realized it was reciprocated. I just never assumed that a woman that smart and attractive would be even remotely interested in me."
Steve Carell

“Not bad, right?”
-Steve, as regards Nancy

"She worked at Second City and I worked at Second City. We became friends. She was also bartending across the street. After I’d do a show I’d go across the street and sit and talk to her. We became friends that way. We sort of backed into the idea of going on a date. I remember, it was such a roundabout thing, because we’re both so shy. I remember saying, “Well, boy, if I was ever to go out on a date with someone like you...” and she said, “I bet I’d date someone like you.” We danced around it for weeks until I finally said, “You wanna?” and she was like, “Oh...okay.” It was so stupid and so sloppy, frankly. It was not neat or cool, but romantic in its own right. It was just two people who gravitated to one another. And I think that kind of speaks to the movie [Dan in Real Life] too- it was two people who could not NOT fall in love...ultimately they couldn’t help themselves."
-Steve in an interview about Dan in Real Life

S: "It's a secret."

N: "We're the only ones who know."

S: "If we tell anyone-"

N: "-it dilutes our marriage."

S: "That's exactly true."

-Conversation between Steve and Nancy, in response to a query on how they make their relationship work in Hollywood

"I am incredulous that there is such a thing as a fan of Steve Carell; and I'm thankful, humbled and slightly humiliated by that."

"He sleeps between us."
-Nancy at the '08 Oscars, when Steve was asked "What's it like to wake up next to Brad Pitt?"

"Do you know how beautiful you are?"
-Jim Carrey to Steve in a Moviefone Unscripted interview

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